Superstar Euro2020, Harry kane

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Harry Kane striker England captain, 27, who beat arch soaring off Denmark 1-0 team through to the finals of Euro 2020 for the first time. History of the British Army. He is the superstar Euro2020

Path of football, Harry Kane stepped up to the first team of Tottenham Hot Spurs for the first time since 2009, but he could not interfere in the team. As a result, he was loan to several teams. Including Leyton Orient, Millwall, Norwich City and Leicester City.

Then, Kene returned to prove himself with the Golden Spikes Army since 2014 until now. By going down to the field up to 242 matches and smashing the net to 166 goals, which throughout the past period. Never had a trophy with Spurs ever. But still patient with the team.

While on his international career, Kane made his senior cap for the first time in 2015 and was a new hope for leading the team to Euro 2016 but failed to score. Along with the fact that England had to stop the route in the round of 16 only

Later in 2018, Kane was honor to wear the England captain’s armband for the first time. And lead the team to the 2018 World Cup and lead the lions to reach the final four teams, but still not reach the dream of leading He has been able to “home football” for a while, making Euro 2020 a tournament that he is particularly focused on.