Paige VanZant private website, BKFC

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Paige VanZant, a young MMA fighter, has opened up about her own website to sell images. and a secret clip of herself. There is a monthly subscription fee for fans. Interested in viewing

by a 27-year-old female fighter who launched In February, it was reveal that her website was very popular. “I would say that when I signed with BKFC, I made more money than I signed with UFC,

but now the money I’ve made from running a classified website is only a month away. It can make me more money than signing with BKFC, it’s crazy.”

“Just take it easy until now I don’t have to fight to get hurt. But I see fighting as the main event. And I’ll go back and do it. I don’t plan to retire to continue my studies. or what to do in the future But let’s just say that the money I’ve earned can make me bid farewell to the ring,” said the female fighter.

In the past, Page Van Zant was consider a favorite of young people. Because she often takes pictures of dizzying shows to fans. In the online world often to the extent that she once use whip cream on her body as a dress to hide only the important points.

The young fighter and her boyfriend had been in the news last year. After doing naked activities to relieve stress during the quarantine from the Covid- 19 outbreak. She spent her home life in various poses. Can get a lot of buzz and comments from fans. Which her reputation is consider quite With nearly 3 million followers,

Paige VanZant recently signed a contract with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship ( boxing without a glove) after his contract with the former agency UFC expired in the middle of the year. before The program will take place in BKFC 19 against Rachel Ostovich on July 23.