Chiellini to pull Saka’s neckline as proof of Italy’s defense

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Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho believes Chiellini ‘s foul on Arsenal striker Bucayo Saka is a testament to Italian football’s defensive strength. Report from Football Italia.

The 36-year-old centre-back snatched the youngster’s collar late in the game as the Azzurri beat England on penalties to win Euro 2020.

The picture quickly became famous on social media. And was made a lot of mockery Meanwhile, Mourinho. Who recently took over at Roma in Serie A. Describe the move to talksport as a testament to the strength of Italian football’s defense.

“What Chiellini did to Saka says it all. He only made one mistake in this game. He lost his footing and fell off the field. While Saka was driving the ball forward. He would say ‘You’re not going anywhere. You must stay with me This shirt is mine and you’re not going anywhere.’ ”

“He knew what he was doing. This was a top defender and an intelligent player when I took Manchester United against Juventus a few years ago. And after the game at Old Trafford, I was like, ‘These two defenders (Killellini and Bonucci) should go to the sports university and teach them how to be centre-backs. Good backs how they do it.’ ”

“Even years later they can do that again, Chiellini might not be able to play every three days, he might want to rest. Sometimes he gets injure. Which happened at the start of the race. But they are both ready to play at a high level.”

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