To break FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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” English Premier League ” confirms the break to organize the ” World Cup 2022 ” to be host by Qatar for the players to go to the World Cup. The break will begin on November 13 next year and kick back on Boxing Day again.

According  to Sky Sports,  the English Premier League has confirmed the break of the league. During the period between 13 November for the players who are in the national team to attend the team preparation camp before the ” World Cup 2022 ” in Qatar It will begin on November 21 – December 18 in 2022 or next year. 

The executives of the English Premier League have been meeting together in London, England on Wednesday past. Regarding the schedule of matches at the English Premier League in the 2022-23 season, it will have an impact on the league’s competition.

However, the Premier League Have agreed to the possibility. That his ” English Premier League ” in the 2022-23 season will be held earlier than the first week every year. Starting today, July 30 to 31 of next year in the “Battle of the Champions. The English chip “will adhere to the Premier League. But in the lower leagues. Such as ” League One ” or ” League Two “. The competition will be held as usual.