Sampdoria, Behind Italy’s success- FEATURE

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Sampdoria Connection Behind Italy’s success – FEATURE. In addition to the excellent footsteps including the matter of “spirit” from solidarity within a very good team. The national anthem before the start of the ufabet game. In which all the players will shout, shout, sing loudly in the field until they hurt each other’s ears. But there is another thing behind the success of the Italy football team “Azzurri”. The Euro 2020 champions series, that is the coaching staff that comes from the relationship of “Sampdoria. y connection” with the manager “Mancho” Roberto Mancini is a striker since the days when he was a footballer with the same agency before. Therefore, it can work in a very understanding way.

Boskov embarked on building the squad at the time with a group of young Italians at the core , including backup goalkeeper Julio Nuchari and Fausto Salzano in midfield. , Attilio Lombardo, a former right-wing magnate, as well as two striker pairs , Gianluca Vialli and Roberto Mancini, who are around the same age. And has continued to be the coaching staff of the Italian national team in the present era itself. By the time that these five people were still playing football, they helped lead the army, “La Samp”, the most successful of winning the Serie A Serie A season 1990/1991, which was the first and the first time. The only of the club until now. And had won the Coppa Italia 4 times, which happened in that era, all at all.