Klopp believes the club’s recent lack of extra money

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp believes the club’s recent lack of extra money has increased the chances of the team’s young players getting on the pitch.

         Klopp Since winning the UEFA Champions League in 2019, the core of the “Reds” first team has remained the same. Only a few new shins have been added. The German boss sees the team’s lack of spending a lot of money on top players to add to the squad increases the chances of young players such as Harvey Elliott, Curtis Jones and Tyler Mau. Carton has played ufabet.

         “I think because the teams have been together for so long now, we might have lost Genie last year. But most of the teams are still together and it helps us improve things,” Klopp said.

         “That’s why when you have a core that has been playing together for a while. Then you can add younger players as well.”

         “Like we did at the start of the season against Harvey who was outstanding and very impressive during that period.”

         “When you bring Curtis in, the way he performs is because of our stability and because of his talent and now with Tyler coming in which is because of the way other people work around them. he”