Fedior asked for 2 days before deciding on 8 teams

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Abdulrahman Fedior, head of the Senegal national football team African Cup of Nations kick set reveals the progress of Sadio Mane‘s brain concussion, the good striker asked for another two days to conclude that he can compete in the quarter-finals. How are you this week?

The Senenews report on the progress the Liverpool star ‘s concussion picked up in Monday’s round of 16 win over Cape Verde have been discharged from hospital. Just missed Tuesday’s practice ( local ) as instructed by ufabet head coach Aliyu Cisse.

Most recently, Dr. Fedior said the CT scan did not show signs of brain inflammation or fractures of the head. But have to see the symptoms for another 48 hours to see if the concussion can pass or not.

“ His symptoms on the field are all gone, ” Fedior told the confederation.

“ But we still have to keep a close watch on Sadio in the next two days. Let him act strictly according to the rules. ”

“ Somewhat comfortable about the pain , the scans or X – rays came out normal. Just need to stay a little longer. ” 

In the case of the 29 -year -old star player unable to pass the concussion examination It is expected that Coach Cisse will let Bomba Dieng start instead on January 30 .