O’Hara slams Carra after criticizing Richarlison

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Ex-Spurs defender Jamie O’Hara said the criticism of Jamie Carragher‘s Richarlison in Liverpool’s 2-0 home win over Everton was highly inappropriate.

         Goals from Andy Robertson and Divock Origi helped the Reds to take the three points. In which during the game there was a moment. When the Brazilian national team fell from the rhythm of trying to win the ball from Thiago Alcantara, nothing happened and the play ufabet continue.

         At that moment, Carragher, who described the game for Sky Sports, urged Richarlison to get up and continue playing, saying: “Don’t cheat Diwa, get up, get up and play. Continue… It’s nothing.”

         However, O’Hara disagreed with Carragher’s remarks, who accused Richarlison of falling for defrauding the referee to stop Liverpool’s attack.

         “I think it’s a bit harsh to say he cheated, I think Richarlison played really well,” O’Hara said. And I think it’s a bit too harsh for Carragher to come out and say, ‘Get up,’ you shouldn’t say that.”

         “No, you don’t know how he feels. You may be hurting your Achilles tendon. It’s a scramble for the ball. you never know There was a collision and he was hurt.”

         “I get it, go on, stay in the next game, no problem. But it’s starting to turn him into a liar because I don’t agree on that.”